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adapting an interface or content to the different languages, skill sets and expectancies of a globally accessible application.

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Language of language names in the language selector?

Imagine a site that's available in multiple languages. The language is detected automatically by looking at the IP or the browser header. But that's not bulletproof, so a few users might end up on a ...
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Should I use country flags in language selection fields?

My users can create content in different languages, and I need to provide an option to choose the language when they enter new content. Right now there are only 5 languages (en, fr, de, pt, es), and ...
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What's a good alternative to flags for depicting internationalisation as an option?

Are flags a bad idea? In various comments on How to design a multi-language website?, several designers voiced their concern for the use of flags as a symbol to represent language switching on a ...
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Is the mental model of time advancing to the right in charts globally accepted?

Is it a common mental model, that in a chart visualizing a time dimension, the time is advancing to the right? I'm currently working with the Internation Business Communication Standards (IBCS). They ...
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Where to place currency symbol when localizing and what to do with odd symbols

Is there a suggested, single location to place the currency symbol every time for any given locale? For example, always on the left with a space before the amount like this: R 10.00 $ 10.00 € 10.00 ¥...
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Which is the best way to select a language from 400 possibilities?

We are defining a language selector for 400 languages. Given the massive number of languages compared to other websites, we applied several mechanisms to reduce the complexity of the language list. ...
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How should keyboard mnemonics be localized?

Is there a standard approach to localizing (internationalize) keyboard mnemonics? For example, in Windows Notepad in English, if the user types Alt+E then P, the Edit menu opens and then the Paste ...
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A good solution how to localize and let user choose language on HTML page

I read another question where a poster states that flags should not be used for languages since flags represent countries. In my mind I agree but in my eye this solution is the best: Do you agree ...
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Spanish UX Keywords Cheat Sheet

I expect to be working on a web application within the next several months and I'd like to "shoehorn" a Spanish language version of the site. If a large enough number of Spanish language users begin ...
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How to design a multi-language website ?

I have a blog where I write in French, and sometimes in English. Right now, the distinction is made with a "tag" called "In English", so that users can get the feed for, say, only the English posts. ...
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address form fields

I'm developing a website that displays information about European festivals, including their addresss. Given that different countries use different address formats, I'm wondering what is the best "one ...
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Is using a comma as a number separator a cultural thing?

In the US, it's very common to add a comma for numbers of more than 3 digits (ex: 1,000 for one thousand ; 1,000,000 for one million ; etc.). In France though, we don't use this at all and commas are ...
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What do you put in a country list for countries with more than one common name?

I'm from England, which means in drop-down lists I have to search for United Kingdom, then England, then Great Britain... it's generally the UK, but it does vary from site to site. What is the best ...
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Shouldn't automated translation be optional?

More and more websites use some automated translation into what they think is my language of choice, be that by relying on a browser setting (for which I'm looking for a fix) or worse by geolocation. ...
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Putting names on international business cards in a helpful way

With electronic transmission of contact infos (h/x/j/vCard, CardDAV, EAS etc.) it should be possible to store unambiguously the various parts of a person’s name and title as well as their gender and ...
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Right to left graph labels for right-to-left languages

When building a graph or chart for use by right-to-left languages such as Arabic should the labels also change? For instance it is generally accepted in my English speaking culture that lower numbers ...
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What is the best mechanism for language and country selection?

I need my users to choose their country to use my site. The French version has a totally different setup to the English version, for example. I'm The trouble is, if I merely ask the user for their ...
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Cursor position and movement in Bidi Input.

In the case of Bidi input, where both RTL and LTR types languages can be mixed together, what should be the cursor position? And what should be the movement of the cursor with Home and End buttons? ...
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What is the best practice for enter key form submission on sites that use IMEs (i.e. Japanese)

I've got an enterprise app with various forms, some single input forms like global search boxes and other longer data entry style forms. For the West it is clear that pressing enter is a preferred ...
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Are there any other approaches to language selection other than these?

I'm working on something for a pitch of sorts and would like to look into other approaches to the language/region problem. These are the variations I remember seeing. clickable Flags or language ...
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