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3 votes
4 answers

Adjustable price calculation form

i need to solve following business requirement: User gets a monthly premium (price in $) proposal based on his input of: Term (for how long will be paying monthly premium - in years) Sum assured (...
1 vote
7 answers

Should I ask the user to complete the task as fast as she can in user test?

I need to evaluate insurance auto quote process which has 3-4 pages of forms to fill. I have designed a prototype with two variations and want to test which of them is easier to use. So I plan to ...
4 votes
2 answers

Fitting a Huge Real Life Insurance Form in a 7 Inch Tablet

I'm consulting a Life Insurance company who plan to go mobile with their procedures on signing up for an Insurance product. This will be mobile on a 7" Tablet device, say Nexus 7 with 1920×1200 pixel ...