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Questions tagged [inspiration]

where to get ideas from such as an unconscious burst of creativity

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4 answers

How do you find inspiration without copying someone's work [closed]

Say you want to design a mobile app and the like a few stuff about some design choices and decisions on similar apps designed... You'd like that in your app design wouldn't that be copying
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Interface examples for handling "page notes" and highlighted text comments?

I'm working on a collections-based interface (think Pinterest or Dropbox), and we're implementing a feature that allows users to add Notes/Comments to various elements (folders/boards, files/pages, ...
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Where do you get inspiration for desktop apps? [closed]

There are a lot of sites with inspiration for mobile apps or websites - is there any site with inspiration for desktop apps? If not - where do you get the inspiration? And examples?
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3 answers

Desktop tools installations' UX. How can it be improved?

I'm designing a cloud service that needs a desktop tool in the end user's laptop. When end users reach my cloud service, they'll have to install this desktop tool. I'm thinking, how can I give the ...
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What are some examples of enterprise software with excellent UX? [closed]

Are there any enterprise software companies that do UX well? What are some examples of enterprise software that nails the UX?
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website for ui design inspiration [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Where do people get web design patterns/inspiration from? Is there a web site for UI design inspirations? I'm looking for something dedicated to UX and UI...that would show ...
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8 answers

What do you use as your personal inspiration library? [closed]

I’ve collected screen shots, links, quotes and other design related items over the years in the hopes of using them for design inspiration on future projects. The problem is, I’ve got this “stuff” ...
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3 answers

inspiration for thin interfaces

I've recently seen great talk by Aza Raskin - Don't make me Click. It's in the sense of "Best UI is no UI". Are there any other articles/videos like this one? I'd like to read/watch something further ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Inspiration / examples of filtering several hundred (but not Ks) elements?

Our app supports decisions made on 500-1000 research proposals for our telescopes. The proposals have a lot of dimensions, so the users would like to be able to explore similar proposals. ("Proposals ...
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6 votes
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Where do people get web design patterns/inspiration from? [closed]

I like to think I come up with original concepts as and when I can but I do find it really gives me a kick start when I can see examples of what other people have been doing to inspire my own design ...
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Good examples of websites that drive engagement for causes? [closed]

I´m looking for good examples of websites for government, NGO´s and such that have clear and specific functions in their UI´s that make it easy to get involved and that drive engagement. Example: ...
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1 answer

Material for inspirational workshop

I've been searching around for the last few days looking for resources for a inspirational workshop. What I have in mind—and haven't been able to find—in a set of "cards" with different ...
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Sources of UX inspiration [closed]

UX designers like us could use inspiration to design revolutionary things for people. I scanned some pages of book that describes how Steve Jobs thinks. It served as an inspiration for me. I wonder ...
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