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Input fields are several different controls such as textboxes, dropdown lists and radio buttons who reside in a (web) form.

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Set an optional field to a fixed value

I've got a edit form in which the user can change a number of properties from an item. In certain conditions, there is an optional time field which the user can set. But it cannot be set to an actual ...
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Suggest range input (numerical/currency) for dollar amount

I have a new-to-me UX challenge that we're working through that involves a user giving us either a single fixed dollar amount, OR choosing to give us a soft minimum/maximum range. The dollar amounts ...
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Multi-level configuration editor

Background I have limited experience in GUI design, but I have to produce a desktop application (Qt) meant for expert users (our own staff mostly). Its purpose is to read/write a large set of ...
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Design for input of time-series data

I'm designing an application page where the user can input multiple time series. As an example, this can mean updating the daily product forecast for a 5 stores over the next 14 days. This results in ...
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Editing an ordered list of short strings

I need to provide a means for our marketing team to add/remove/edit an ordered list of short descriptive strings (0 - 8 strings total). The strings are typically less than 50 characters but we need ...
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Best practices for clear field control in field with right-justified text?

A form we've created has $ amounts right justified. What's best practice for including a "clear field" control within the field? Current thinking is that the hover state pushes the $ amount to the ...
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How to put 3 inputs and 1 selector in 3 columns grid

I need an outside perspective) The hanging “Mode Tunnel” selector is very annoying. Are there any options for configuring this differently so that it doesn’t hang like that?
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Handling and parsing string with multiple elements to the form using one input

We have a problem that we want to solve in the most intuitive way. There is a modal with one text input, but the requirements are for user to be able to put one OR multiple email in it. This is needed ...
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Adding Custom Form Field

I have a tricky thing to solve. This would be used for fast food menu. First field is pretty much Name of the Group ex "Choose the sauce" and other 2 fields (and 2 fields should aways exist ...
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Using a single text field with auto type detection in an app

So we want to increase the number of accepted fields in our app of which people use as identifier to transfer to. We currently have mobile number and email , however we intend to increase to add ...
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How to visually connect a numeric input and a table dynamically updating with the input?

What I am building: a search engine for gaming laptops. The #1 factor for gamers is, obviously, gaming performance, which is mostly judged by FPS – frame rate that a laptop runs a game on. Higher is ...
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Filtering: Input-fields or buttons?

I'm currently working on new tables for our web platform. I came to a point when I need to design some filtering options as part of the design. One of our developers told me to use a text field that ...
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Adding new linked items in database

I am pretty new to creating UXes in general and I'm working on a database management tool. Among other things there are tables for Members and Institutions. Institutions have multiple members, members ...
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Multiselect in separate page

I have a big form with like 16 inputs, going from basic inputs, selects and multiselect. Now I want to reduce the cluttering for the user by moving the more advanced inputs such as multiselects to ...
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Why is Amazon using Text Fields instead of Radio Buttons for mutually exclusive options?

I have been trying to return an item on Amazon, and this window popped up asking me to fill in the bank details. Although they have used Radio Buttons in the first line for Yes/No question, Account ...
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What should be considered when deciding on the order of input fields for a contact tracing form

I'm working on a contact tracing form for a travel booking website. The following fields are required to be filled in by the user when they book their travel tickets. email address phone number my ...
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Same form fields - two purposes/functions

Working on a project for adding new entry/entries to a table and/or viewing the table. We have required fields for adding a new entry. Only one of those fields is required for viewing. The ...
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