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Inline edit is a design pattern that enables the user to edit text directly in the page without requiring going to a separate page or opening a dialog overlay. It makes the interaction more direct and intuitive as the user can edit the text in the same place where it is shown.

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Entry point ("Item level" vs "Page level") and "Inline edit" vs "Edit page"

A project I'm currently working requires the user to be allowed to edit only certain items on the page. So the way the page is arranged now, a few items can be edited, and a few items aren't editable. ...
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How should edit and delete inside a datatable work with each other?

I have a datatable that supports inline editing and deleting items It is doing everything server side (sort, filter and paginate) For editing I click on the Edit button to make the table editable Once ...
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Pattern for adding information to a request that was submitted

I'm designing a flow for an approver. It is a relatively complex problem. Requestors can submit requests which go to an approver to approve. The approver needs to be able to see the details of the ...
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How to show "Read-only" (un-editable) content in a grid? Has to be a non-color reliant way so can't use gray color

How to show "Read-only" (un-editable) content in a grid? Has to be a non-color reliant way so can't use gray color. FYI, some content in this grid will be editable and the way it works is, ...
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Edit icon VS Edit CTA while redirecting the user to a different screen?

I need to redirect the user to a form which is on a different page after he clicks edit. So what is the best practise here, to use the pencil icon or edit button or anything else where it is clear ...
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