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Image comparison sliders and visual accessibility

I am creating an image slider for a site, and I am confused on how to successfully meet wcag requirements. Below is an example that conveys the idea of what I am creating. I have read a couple ...
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Videos in image gallery of E commerce app

Do you think users find videos more relevant than images in product image gallery of an ecommerce app and videos should be the first thing users should be seeing on landing on the product page of any ...
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2 votes
1 answer

UI component or design pattern for juxtaposition of images for comparison

This was a design concept/pattern that I first saw in use for an interactive on a website to show the before and after images of a natural disaster event. Since then I have seen it pop up in a couple ...
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Carousel through anything?

In today's world, we have carousels everywhere. From file type carousels to go from image to image, to things like ads to display multiple ads, you name it. My question is, what do you think about a ...
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Handling image slider navigation with a lot of images

What's a better way to handle navigation in a slider with a lot of images? I'm currently working on the behaviour of an image slider. The image slider will look like the wireframe in the image below. ...
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