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How broad or narrow to go with a test hypothesis for comparing old designs with a redesigns

Say I am given an open brief like 'improved the sign-up journey for product X' or 'improve the search experience for product Y' etc. I want to do some user testing around the current experience so ...
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Test Hypothesis On Multivariate Tests?

I was taught when A/B testing every test should be based on a test hypothesis, e.g. Control: Current Button (Blue) Test: White Button "We believe that changing the CTA colour (British English ...
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Confidence intervals, Confidence levels and probability of simple tests

It seems to be a simple problem, but i cant figure it out Lets say, I would like to know if there is some point to implement new feature. If we have to focus on the feature or not. Lets assume there ...
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Testing font in finance application

I would like to test how 2 different fonts (mostly for numbers) would affect performance of operations team. At the moment I have a hypotheses: "By changing font from A to B cognitive load of ops team ...
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Term "Requirement Gathering" in UX - A misnomer?

Having spend some good time in the Interaction design domain, I have started to think that the term "Requirement Gathering" is somewhat a misnomer and conveys a incorrect image of the process. Is ...
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