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Hyperlinks indicate that clicking on a piece of text or image will take you to related information.

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Provide functionality from newer system

I have a question about cross-linking or embedding or if there is a more suitable option. The Requirement So we're developing a web app with new functionality, but our older system is still widely ...
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Displaying sections in the UI in Support Search as additional results

We have a large application where sections of its UI may be hard to find. In an attempt to ease the user's navigation path, we plan on offering "shortcuts" from the Search functionality ...
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Best way to illustrate comments hyperlink on dropdown dashboard component?

I'm designing a dashboard with dropdown components. Every component is a "driver" group. The dropdown consists of questions within the survey that belongs to this driver. Every driver ...
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Where should "back to top" on long FAQ page link to?

My FAQ page consists of a table of contents (with links jumping to each FAQ entry) and all FAQ entries. The entries are grouped in sections. FAQ ToC (#toc) Section 1 (#toc-section-1) ...
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Create and edit M:N binding in large tables in GUI/Web app?

How to enable end-user to create M:N bindings for large multi-column tables? In our case there are tables up to thousands items large. Each table has number of columns. For example Cars (...
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What should I look for in a custom link shortner domain name?

I have a couple of logs in the fire for startups and expansions of my current endeavors. They are all web-based or mostly web-based enterprises, but I find myself thinking with a few of them that a ...
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What is the name for the pattern where consecutive words link to similar resources?

What is the name for the pattern where consecutive words in a phrase are each hyper-linked to similar resources? For example: there are many sites in the Stack Exchange network.
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Microinteraction language — drilldown, link, action

I'm currently building a new SaaS product, and am revisiting a few of my old decisions about certain patterns. In this specific case it's the design language for three types of ineractions that happen ...
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Duplicate link names in the navigation

I have a sidebar navigation where I need to seperate orders into two types - maintenance orders and service orders. Each order type has 4 statuses by which it should be separated - it has different ...
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Text input with links without using markdown-like conventions?

How to make a usable and understandable solution to provide (non-webmaster) user with the way to input text with one or more hyperlinks in it? Markdown-like solutions, which require the user to follow ...
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