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Human Interface Guidelines (or short: HIG) refer to a written documentation that line out common elements for a user interface. These guidelines help develop a consistent interface and user experience across a team.

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Does it make sense to use a platform-agnostic HIG for desktop applcations?

I'm developing a stand-alone, cross-platform desktop app for Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux. I've read these ([1], [2]) questions and concluded that I'll have to cherry pick guidelines from all three ...
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Is it OK to let the user use colored tags to associate data sets or keywords?

I am debating with my boss regarding whether tags should be coloured or not. I feel that colouring tags will just work as fun for the user. A user won't remember what colour he has assigned to a ...
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How to properly expand/collapse the top level of a side navbar while using the second level nav bar?

so I am designing a device manager with a two-level side navbar, where the second level is constantly showing while the top level is hidden. I am having trouble deciding on how to design the expand/...
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Hiding or showing upcoming functionalities

We are developing a data-heavy site and I was wondering, how should we present (or hide) upcoming functionalities. Let's say in a form an option which will only be available later. Or a button that ...
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What are real examples of content-driven navigation?

Reading Apple HIG Guideline I came across an explanation of the content-driven navigation. It says that games, books, and other immersive apps use this navigation type. But what other immersive apps? ...
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Two Click actions on mobile screen

I was working on a mobile project and I faced a problem. How do I show if there are two different actions on a single object in mobile? In this screen all options have sub-options that appear on a ...
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