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what is the purpose of using Color Contrast Tool?

what is the purpose of using Color Contrast Tool? It's just background and text checking or icon checking?
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How can we be safe from hitting a glass wall that is hard to notice?

This picture was taken in a Korea airport. I found it very hard to notice many glass partitions, including this one. I almost hit once. What will be the approach to get away from this kind of ...
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Why does reading the Memory Alpha website cause horizontal lines in my vision?

I have noticed for years now that when I spend any more than about a minute reading something on the Memory Alpha website (a Star Trek wiki), I temporarily see horizontal lines in my vision that last ...
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What are some best practices for UI design in virtual reality? [closed]

First person perspective games typically feature a four-corner HUD-based approach for displaying peripheral info to the player i.e. health bar, mana, radar, etc. This looks awful in VR. What the ...
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Dark or white color theme is better for the eyes?

What is better for the eyes, a dark color theme or a white color theme?
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Why high gloss laptop screens?

Those shiny/high-gloss laptop screens, that got popular some years ago, seem to offer a horrible user-experience to me. Isn't/wasn't any eye-strain reduction regulation against it? I thought that an ...
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Where can I find more information on foveal and binocular vision, and its impact on UX?

I have recently started looking into foveal vision and how it relates to screen space / UX. I dig up a lot of interesting information but I can't seem to find any information how foveal vision works ...
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How different should two colors be to appear distinct to the human eye?

I was having a look at the "Reputation" tab in Stackoverflow and it occurred to me that the yellow used to highlight the new entries doesn't stand out a lot from the white background. I really have to ...
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