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What research exists into user experience design factors for the design of ovens and cooktops?

TL;DR I am after UX research into the design of ovens and/or cooktops, or research that can be applied to their design. Any references would be most appreciated, especially if they cover the ...
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1 answer

Why "heat & cool" buttons on air conditioner remote controls?

On most air conditioner remote controls, you can find buttons such as Heat / Cool. Users must switch to the cooling mode in summer, and to the heating mode in winter. Curiously, Heat 25°C(or 77°F) is ...
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2 answers

Why don't all washing machines beep when finished? [closed]

I've owned several dishwashers, and they all beep loudly several times when they have finished a cycle. Not that I care, because I don't need to rush to open them and grab the clean plates. Usually it ...
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116 votes
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Why do door knobs still exist?

As far as I know, in US, grip-and-turn style door knobs are still the most popular, as opposed to lever-style handles, which dominate in the rest of the world. Is there some UX advantage to door ...
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Why do washing machines have windows?

I'm curious why every front-loaded washing machine I've seen so far comes with a window, while other household machines, like dishwashers, don't. From a design or UI/UX perspective, why would one ...
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