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A honeypot captcha is a form field that should be left blank and that is hidden from human users, but not bots. When the form is submitted this field is checked to make sure the value of that form field is blank in order to help detect if the submission was from a genuine user.

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Best options for designing my own customised captcha-type process?

Okay, I've finally had enough of these stupid non-user-friendly Captcha images. Tonight I visited a site I had every intention of doing business with, but prior to being able to view the content (God ...
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An alternative to reCAPTCHA, which is already solved and proven, BUT consisting on operations, images or questions, instead of distorted characters?

I'm working on a service request form, between 5 and 10 fields (depending on the service). *And, possibly, a recaptcha that the Security team is asking us to add. The case is a user requesting an on-...
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What is the best way to hide a Honeypot Captcha?

I was looking for alternatives to the use of captcha due to its annoyance to users especially because they're getting more and more difficult to solve for us, the humans. So I found out that a ...
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Why users should solve the problem of spam by solving capchas? [closed]

Why the problem of spam should be solved by users? Why user should prove that he is not spammer? Maybe it would be better for spammers to prove that he is real user? Having javascript on the client ...
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Accessibility and CAPTCHAs

I want to include a CAPTCHA in my web application, but I also want to make sure that my web application is accessible to individuals with impairments or disabilities. How should I go about doing that?...
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Honeypot captchas and accessibility

I have been looking at ways to prevent spam bots from posting, regstering and performing actions on my site. Initially, I thought about implementing ReCAPTCHA using its API. However, I have found ...
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When exactly is a CAPTCHA system a good idea?

While I understand this is probably a very broad question, I'm trying to figure out exactly when adding a CAPTCHA becomes a necessary requirement for a site. I get the sense a lot of clients ask me to ...
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46 votes
6 answers

Can we do better than CAPTCHA?

There are a variety of different forms of CAPTCHA and other strategies in order to prevent spam. To briefly list a few: Simple math or word questions. Obfuscated text. JavaScript-based CAPTCHAs. ...
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