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What do designers do when a new Apple Components Library comes out?

I'm using the newest iOS and MacOS Components Libraries for Sketch that I downloaded from the Apple HIG site. There are some components that either don't make sense or there is a part of the component ...
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Affirmative action button on right, Dismissive on left ...... unless affirmative is destructive?

I have had a question about the contradictory nature of the Apple HIG in regard to button placement in dialogs. They say that Affirmative action button on right (Print), Dismissive on left (Cancel), ...
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2 answers

Apple/Microsoft HIG statements on rebooting

Some years ago I read a statement in the Apple OS X HIG, that software installers should avoid reboots if possible because they break the system's availability. However, I can't find the source ...
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Apple HIG: Zoom In or Zoom in?

Apple HIG states this about capitalization for buttons: Use title-case for titles. Capitalize every word except articles, coordinating conjunctions, and prepositions of four or fewer letters. But ...
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iOS: table view “Close”, “Edit” and “+” button placement in a navigation bar

There seems to exist some ambiguity when a table-based, multiple-item view needs to combine navigation ("Close"/"Back"), editing mode switching ("Edit") and aggregation ("+"/"Add") in a single ...
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Guidelines on Pamphlet design to stop people from ignoring it

I have found that people tend to ignore reading a pamphlet which is distributed on a road side. How can one ensure in terms of design and strategy that people read and most importantly understand ...
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Does Apple recommend a minimum table view height?

I know Apple has certain minimum sizes for things like font no smaller than 13pt. I was wondering if they had a spec (maybe in their HIG) for minimum table view height. I have a design with a short ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Cross-platform HIG. What do you use for html5 apps?

When designing an Andriod or an iOS app, it is clear that you should follow their respective Human Interface Guidelines (HIGs). But what do you do when designing a Html5 app? What cross platform ...
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Is there a Windows 8 desktop UI Guideline or HIG anywhere in the world? [duplicate]

And I don't mean Win 7 / Metro UI guidelines, I have them up the wazoo, but I've changed jobs and need to start looking at the new Windows 8 DESKTOP design. I know it takes a lot of cues from Metro on ...
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Should I be using zoom and pinch to resize user elements?

Is it a violation of the iOS Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)—or for that matter, of good UI design—to use pinch and zoom for the user to size elements on the screen, rather than the whole screen/...
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