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Do "rage clicks" on navigation that is supposed to be used repeatedly indicate a problem?

Several click tracking tools track "rage clicks" on elements: (Crazy Egg, full story, Hotjar) These metrics track when a visitor clicks repeatedly in the same spot on the screen. In general ...
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Hotjar clicks outside of the application

I use hotjar for my products and sometimes we have unsual behavior that is always repeated (ex: user clicking in an empty part of the screen). Does this happens because hotjar is recording clicking ...
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How to describe two variables in a heatmap?

I need to describe distribution of showtimes across day-hours and their occupancy. Showtimes distribution across day-hours can be described using a simple heatmap/ table, e.g. Here each times-cell ...
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Trying to sort color palette by heat

all. My company wants to use our own internal styles for our heat maps. Therefore, I have a list of colors that I need to sort by heat (I have hex, rgb, and hsl values to work with). However, I can't ...
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What color scale to use for heat map with positive and negative values?

I am trying to see what the most intuitive or most conventional color scale would be for a heat map with values that can be either positive or negative (percent difference from expected). e.g., -50%, ...
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Visitor-recording solutions and sensitive data?

Has anyone had any experience with visitor-recording solutions such as Hotjar or LuckyOrange? Were there any data-capture concerns? I work in the healthcare industry, and the idea of recording users ...
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Visual element getting too much attention in heat map

I have a landing page about a service, and after some weeks of testing with beta users I found in my heat map that there is an element in the bottom of the page that have an huge bunch of clicks. ...
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Should we kill the features that users are not using frequently, to improve performance?

According to the heat map that we generated for our app (an ad server), users rarely sort the items in the lists, they usually use the search to find the items they wanted to find. Developers said it ...
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Legend to incorporate Year and Size

I have a heatmap tab "Day of Week" Years are color-coded, i.e. more recent years are darker blue. And size of box is based on magnitude of orders. How do I create a legend that incorporates both ...
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How to show the relationship between two sets of data over time and geography?

I would like to show the relationship between two sets of data, over a large period of time; distributed by geography/location. The data has (latitude, longitude, datavalue1, datavalue2, timestamp). ...
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Ideal visualization for popular book pages [closed]

Curious for some input regarding the ideal visualization for the most popular pages in a book. We have a data set that shows traffic (hits, essentially). The use case is this: We're tracking songs ...
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Mobile - are there heatmaps that show where user looks at on a mobile device (like F Pattern) ?

Internet site navigation typically follows an "F pattern" - the user scans the left side for links and reads major headlines. This behavior can be expressed as a heatmap where red color shows where ...
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Introducing a new pattern vs learned pattern

Assume that I have a heat map UI showing company stocks. The current pattern that users have been exposed to for the past 2 years is dark green being low value and light green being high value. To me, ...
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Is there a heatmap solution that works behind a login redirect?

I've been looking for a heatmap to collect analytics on user clicks and behavior; however, I haven't found one that reliably works behind a login redirect. Surely something exists. I've tried: ...
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Where to find resources on tablet heatmaps?

I need heatmaps on tablet usage to see what regions users make use of on tablets. The reason that I need to do this is that I need to do a recommendation on what gestures I can use the best, to do ...
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How useful are heat maps when learning about a small user base?

I just started a new project and I have a very small user base of 50-100 users for a specialized web application. I believe that using heat map data along with analytics will help me get a better ...
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Heatmap vs Scrollmap

I have run a small test (1,000 views, ~650 clicks) for a homepage of a site using CrazyEgg. Of all the clicked areas, the "2" and "Next" from the only pagination buttons right at the bottom of the ...'s user avatar
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Key usability features to pull out from software use?

We are developing this software and I have a hunch that creating a framework such as Google Analytics for our window based java application would be a good idea. However I'd like to know which ...
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Where can I find usage Heatmaps of common user interfaces?

I found this amazing Mozilla Firefox usage Heatmap and find it a great insight into the usage of Firefox and browsers in general. Are there other resources which have similar heatmaps for use of ...
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How reliable are heatmaps generated by cursor positions?

Heatmaps are one of the best tools we have to mesure the impact of a design, not just in UX terms but also in marketing/conversion terms. I've found that most of the free or less-expensive solutions ...
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