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Device for people with advanced tremors and speech difficulties to type using feet and hand

Some older people are often full of tremors, including in their voice, and in their hands, but can still use their feet. They can often also spell. I was wondering whether anyone has designed a double ...
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In UX, which is the main branch for health disciplines?

We're rebuilding our main website and giving more importance to the projects we worked on. Since we're working a lot with health related projects (mainly psychology and neurology), I'm building a ...
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Is it ok to run usability tests with non-customers?

I'm a designer for a health tech startup that makes applications for orthopedic providers, and a recurring issue I have is extremely limited access to users for research and testing. Due in part to ...
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Progress visualization of a person's self-development?

I'm talking about any kind of self-improvement that is monitored/tracked. Most common example are fitness trackers or apps. Now are there any guidelines or examples on this? How would one best ...
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Which font is the best for reading text (not code)? I mean font that has the best readability [closed]

Which font or type of font is considered the best for reading the regular text (not programming code)? Which font or type of font has the best readability?
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UX/UI implications of user working under stress/time pressure

In UCD, it is often mentioned that the context of usage of the app is very important for designer to keep in mind. I am designing a decision support system application for field healthcare workers ...
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How do I conduct research on healthcare patients' experiences effectively and ethically?

I'm working on a side project to help improve patients' healthcare outcomes. This is an independent project and I am not affiliated with any organization. I want to learn about people's experiences in ...
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How many CTA's are too many?

I'm working on a find a doctor consumer product where a patient can go online and find a doctor that matches their needs. Each doctor is unique in how a patient can book an appointment with them. ...
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Why does reading the Memory Alpha website cause horizontal lines in my vision?

I have noticed for years now that when I spend any more than about a minute reading something on the Memory Alpha website (a Star Trek wiki), I temporarily see horizontal lines in my vision that last ...
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How to design a UI for user to declare injuries?

I was discussing with a friend about a healthcare application he is working on and he tell me about a UI his team was working on. Users' task The application is used by independent/self-employed ...
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What is the best way to mine the user's well-being, recent activity, and other useful info

In a Mobile APP, what are the best practices for mining the user's well being ( how are you feeling, does it hurt here, and here ? ), recent activity ( when were you last physically active and what ...
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Health bar decreasing orientation

I'm having a contradiction with a friend about the health bar in a game. He designed it so that the hearts are getting empty (greyed out) from left to right, and I said to him that they should empty (...
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Should an application warn when it is used excessively?

I am interested in a particular class of warnings, but I don't know what to call them. The warnings are generated by tracking a user's specific usage patterns, and warns them when continued use of the ...
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