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Use variable font to thin larger headings

I remember Microsoft Office 2007 introduced a style of headings that got lighter as the heading size got bigger. Now we can use variable fonts in websites, what about keeping the colour the same, but ...
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In a book, what are the pros and cons of short, medium-length, and long multi-clause chapter titles?

Chapter titles in a book can be like this: Autumn Winter Looking back or like this: Life in the old country The day of the move What James thought he knew or like this: Between 10 and 20: from ...
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Using Display S, M, L, XL, 2XL instead of H1 -H6 for typography in a Design System Manager (DSM)

I find using specific H1 - H6 is confining since different pages may need a different size H1 and so on. Also instead of making 2 sets for desktop and mobile this would work as one file. Does anyone ...
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