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Questions tagged [haptics]

Haptics refers to tactile input and feedback in user interfaces. It has been described as "doing for the sense of touch what computer graphics does for vision".

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Has anyone real world experience or studies about too much haptic feedback?

In my application I have added some haptic feedback with important interactions. The direct feedback you feel when a button registers your interaction seems to work really well. Now I am thinking ...
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How do I inform a user that an vibration option is not working due to phone settings?

I'm working on a phone app that works with Bluetooth Low Energy to interact with some hardware. When the Bluetooth has successfully connected to the hardware, it gives a short beep and a small ...
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Is there a standard for vibration pattern when a mobile device failed to send an alert that the user needs help?

I've been looking for any standards around haptic feedback of a mobile device when it tries to send out an alert for security but failed. I haven't found any clear answers so hoping I'll get some ...
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3 votes
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Is using haptic feedback more appropriate for action or result?

I'm currently working on an iOS app which implements different types of clinical tools for doctors. On a basic level, every clinical tool includes a lot of questions, i.e. controls (buttons, segmented ...
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1 vote
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How to provide non-visual feedback on a touch screen?

How do you provide feedback for blind people or low-vision people for clicks on a touch screen? What technology is used? I heard iPhone provides this kind of feedback; what it is?
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Haptic feedback in ecommerce

Planning on implementing interactive design elements in an e-commerce app. Haptics seems a very exciting area, but besides games and im messengers, I've yet to come across any examples of ecommerce ...
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What's the rationale for having the keyboard vibration feature on mobile phones?

A lot of people prefer physical keyboards than virtual ones on cell phones. In order to mimic physical keyboards experience, most cell phones have the vibration feature(i.e., the phone vibrates when ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Are there any established patterns or models for haptic feedback?

With the rise of smart watches and other haptic-enabled peripherals, it seems inevitable that there will need to be a set of established patterns that will be immediately (or with the smallest ...
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8 votes
6 answers

When is using haptic feedback for button presses a good idea?

I've noticed that on Android phones only some button presses result in haptic feedback. For example, pressing any of the 3 main buttons (Back, Home, Multitask) will cause the phone to vibrate. So does ...
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Do touch screens have a harmful psychological effect on people? [closed]

The touch screen is a radical change in the control of machines. For centuries, machines were operated by physical buttons. Perhaps the most important aspect of user experience for a physical device ...
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Is there ever a good use case for a software rotary knob (dial)?

I love physical dials and knobs, they are great for adjusting something just the right amount without looking at it. They are even great for controlling an absolute value like volume because they stop ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Multimodal interfaces - best practices

What are best practices in using multimodal interface approaches, e.g. combination of haptic interfaces, voice commands, gestures?
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7 votes
7 answers

Will the future absence of the physical keyboard hurt the desktop User Experience? [closed]

With so many future UI designs focusing on 3-dimensional, hands-on interfaces, it appears clear that the physical keyboard is going to soon be obsolete. (i.e., John Underkoffler's presentation) ...
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