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Questions tagged [guidelines]

Recommended practices published by an OEM, government, or other organization (e.g. Apple Human Interface Guidelines)

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Does it make sense to use a platform-agnostic HIG for desktop applcations?

I'm developing a stand-alone, cross-platform desktop app for Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux. I've read these ([1], [2]) questions and concluded that I'll have to cherry pick guidelines from all three ...
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What should be the vertical placement of primary button on a mobile screen? And why?

A user scans the screen from left to right and top to bottom. So, we use the primary action (or primary CTA) on the right side while designing for the web. If we consider top to bottom scan approach ...
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Best way to design custom apps to plug in Microsoft dynamics 365

We are a small team of 2 customizing a Dynamics 365 for our ~100 people company. Using built-in customization tools from dynamics for basic forms and actions works (fairly) great. However, for more ...
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Online portfolio or Offline portfolios?

I am a working individual who wants to switch over to UX design. I am trying to create a portfolio for my first project, but I am conflicted: I am not sure whether my portfolio should be a web page or ...
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Do I need a new collection for each component with variables and tokens in Figma?

I understand there are primitives, which are raw data, and I have to reference them. But do I have to create a new collection every time for each component? And how do modes blend into it then?
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User Experience - graph and table

Does anyone know if it's a good UI -UX practice to add multiple select options inside a table?
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what should be the placeholder name and image until user has completed his profile?

I have an app where we show the name and profile picture on the menu page. The menu page can be seen without completing the profile also. At this point what would the most appropriate placeholder name ...
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