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Graphical User Interface design (GUI-design for short) refers to the visual aspect of designing computers, appliances, machines, mobile communication devices, software applications, and websites with the focus on the user's experience and interaction. Generally refers to digital rather than physical design.

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14 votes
5 answers

How to represent a numeric input that is limited to increments of some number

I have a requirement for a form that restricts a field value to fixed increments of 50 and I'm not sure what would be the most elegant way to represent that constraint in a meaningful fashion. The ...
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3 answers

Submit a Button and Cancel a Link... Too Confusing?

I have noticed in the last couple years a lot of web forms, if they have cancel at all, it is a link. I assume this is to drive the person to the UI element, a button in this case, that 99% of the ...
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58 votes
10 answers

How to visualize the possibility of drag'n'drop?

My web application contains a list of elements, which can be sorted by drag'n'drop. How should this feature be visually represented to users?
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8 votes
4 answers

How many elements are too many for one screen of a mobile (iOS/Android) application?

Without scrolling, what would be the maximum amount of centered buttons I could arrange on a vertical axis before it became too cluttered? Interface Builder gives suggested distances between elements,...
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17 answers

Should the OK/Cancel buttons be aligned right or centered?

Where should I put the OK/Cancel buttons on my dialogs? At the bottom centered or aligned right? I've seen both and I personally don't care, but I want to create a consistent look across my ...
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22 votes
12 answers

Should form labels be placed inside of input boxes and slide out of the way?

Is it good idea to put form labels inside input boxes? In this case, the labels slide out of the way when the user clicks on the box. See here live example of form
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11 votes
6 answers

Do users know the difference between a web application and a desktop application?

As cloud applications become more prevalent and the line between what is a desktop app and what is a web app becomes very blurry, different patterns for design, security, privacy and user experience ...
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24 votes
5 answers

What are the best practices of button alignment?

There are reasons to align buttons to the left, center, or right. What are the best practices of button alignment and what factors should we consider? Which buttons should be on the left, center, and ...
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14 votes
6 answers

Are multiple entry points good or bad?

My example is a web-based application, but I guess this could go for anything: Multiple entry points for the same action, good or bad? My example: Adding a product against a supplier (vendor). This ...
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4 answers

Save vs Save & Exit

We're designing an application for creating personalized photo books through a Flash-based interface. When the application first opens, we display a dialog encouraging the user to give their project a ...
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