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When is the best time within a sprint cycle to integrate guerrilla user research?

Currently, our development follows three-week agile sprints, while our user research and design are still fairly waterfall. I’m hoping to incorporate some guerrilla user research directly into each ...
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3 answers

Why people do guerrilla usability testing if the sampling is always non-representative?

As far as I know guerrilla usability testing is very widely used by design teams. But why? In guerrilla usability testings the sampling method is called convenience method and it is known as a non-...
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1 answer

Guerrilla usability testing

I want to do a guerrilla usability testing and I was wondering if it is ok to ask to the participant to draw/sketch his thoughts as well?
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How might competitive analysis help enrich User Personas in UX research?

I can't find any reasons to support the use of Competitive Analysis in building an efficient persona. User Persona essentially talks about different profiles of user and their goal, frustrations, ...
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Where to find 50+ year old people for guerrilla usability testing?

Challenge: mobile application targeted to people who are 50+ years old we would like to get as much feedback as possible, that's why guerrilla style testing would be best We have prepared a ...
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