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The ability of a computer, machine, electronic system, application, or network to maintain limited functionality even when a large portion of it has been destroyed or rendered inoperative.

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How can we tell users that they are using their computer in a way that may cause hardware failure? Any studies on this?

In short Sometimes, people use computers in a way that taxes their hardware and can eventually lead to CPU or BIOS failure. When it does happen, there might not be any warning. Users can go from ...
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Typeahead / Autocomplete graceful degradation

Consider the case when the user is asked to select one item from a fixed list. If the list contains more than a dozen items, an autocomplete / typeahead type widget has proven itself to be very user-...
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Is there a site explaining common "feature not supported" issues in user friendly language?

When writing websites we often have to do feature detection, then figure out a plan for how to handle unsupported features (graceful degradation), sometimes being forced to resort no "not supported" ...
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What is a small screen alternative for drag and drop?

I have a drag and drop question that looks good on full-screen but I can't shrink it down for phone screens so well. The page is navigating from top to bottom and has various knowledge checks as you ...
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Degrading select/filters when no javascript

I have a small question. How do you gracefully degrade select filters? Example, With ajax you might have a State select and then a City select under it that would show the cities of the selected ...
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Incorporating a range-slider in a form: jQuery UI or degrade to <select>?

When incorporating an <input type="range"> slider into a form (ie, Best form element to indicate level of completeness of a task?), Firefox degrades not-so-gracefully to a text box. Since we ...
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At what point do I throw graceful degradation to the wind?

For a feature I'm currently working on implementing on my application (a pretty standard feature), it seems like I have to essentially disregard "graceful degradation." I'm referring, of course, to a "...
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