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Google is a multinational company which evolved from a search engine.

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Why is Google using a (new) 2 step Gmail sign in process?

I am not asking about the two factor authentication process where the user needs to enter both a password and a one-time-password. Gmail recently (I don't know from when exactly) changed their login ...
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Is Apple's or Google's meaning of the three-horizontal-bar icon more popular?

Apple and Google are going head-to-head to define meaning of the three-horizontal-bars icon: In iOS this icon means "drag me to rearrange items in a list" while Google Chrome's version means "click ...
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Why is Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button still next to the search bar?

I'm sure that Google must put a lot of thought into the display of its homepage. With such a minimalistic design, every element matters. So what's up with the "I'm feeling lucky" button? Why is ...
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Why does Gmail hide email options under a '+' sign?

Why does Gmail website hide options like "links", "smileys" etc. under a '+' sign when there is clearly enough room along the footer? Am I missing something, or is google really pushing google+? ...
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How to change our design or content that users open our website when they see the content? [closed]

Maybe the title is not clear; Because the subject is a little special We are well ranked website and our users are really important for us, and we really care about them. We even don't advertise on ...
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What rules does Google use to make a button gray, blue, or red on their sites?

This has been an elusive topic, and I haven't yet been able to form my own conclusion about what Google's reasoning is to make a given button blue, red, or gray, given their latest design ethos. Take ...
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Purposefully obscure user interface design to encourage behaviours

Installing Windows 8 makes it seem that it is mandatory to create a Microsoft account, however the option to install without one is there, albeit wilfully buried. Logging out of the Windows Phone ...
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Why is the Google Search Results page not responsive? [closed]

As every web developer/designer, I read many articles about why responsive web design is important. We are also often told, that you can learn a lot by observing the UI (and optionally the code itself)...
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11 votes
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of "minimal" design?

E.g. Google has minimal web design (just a search box). How do you define minimal design? How does this relate to minimalism in general? Is Facebook also minimalism at least from the beginning?
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Why don't people use the "I'm feeling lucky" button more often?

Have you ever seen or heard of someone using it? Back in the days when Google didn't automatically redirected you to the results page as you typed, I think not a lot of people used the "I'm Feeling ...
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Why Google search form is not using auto-focus attribute?

I was doing some testing for a project where I wanted to ensure that the user still could reach certain functionality even with JS disabled. I wanted to quickly find something by going to Google and I ...
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Google Chrome's setting/option icon a variation of the hamburger menu?

I noticed on a recent Google Chrome update that the setting/option icon changed from the wrench to three dots, which I thought was interesting as this seemed to related to the 'more' symbol but turned ...
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