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Google Analytics tracking over multiple tabs

Hi I want to know if GA4 can track multiple tabs to one user, the reason is we have a site and a tool combined into one, the tool or site requires opening a new tab.
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How many months should we track and collect data before analyzing it after rolling out a new feature?

I'm a solo product designer, and this is my first time to create and apply UX metrics and KPIs in our product as well as doing UX research. So far, our company doesn't have a budget yet to hire an ...
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Clickable KPI tabs that update the filters

In a system, I am working on I want to create a KPI which is also a tab, like in the image from google analytics and I want it to affect the filters as well: Do you know any reference that behaves ...
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Why Conversion Rate + Abandonment Rate doesn't equal 100%?

I have created a funnel in google analytics with conversion rate 2.96% and abandonment rate 92.66% (Sum 95.62%). I would expect their sum to be 100%, do I miss something?
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Why people entering from category page goes to the homepage of my e-commerce as the second step of journey?

I'm trying to understand some data that I have on my hands. I intend to make a deep analysis but for this, I want to create a list of probable reasons that users take some actions. Then I can track ...
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What's the best strategy for tracking events using Google Analytics?

We have a web-based enterprise analytics application, with many potential user interactions spread across many different reports. Thus we have potentially hundreds of trackable events. We are ...
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What is the rationale for google analytics removing icons next to bold numbers?

I am wondering if Google provided a rationale in their design guidelines for what seems to have been a change in their interface design for the Google Analytics mobile app. The difference (I could be ...
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What UI element is used in Google Analytics Custom reports?

Both the metric group and drilldown dimensions in the Google Analytics Custom report use an interesting user interface (UI) element where the user can add any amount of elements to a list. These are ...
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