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What are the specs for a top bar in a web application (1440px) according to Material Design?

I'm new to UX design. As a fun project, I'm designing a calendar web application while referring to Material Design. I can't seem to find anything about the top bar specs for web apps on the Material ...
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Should you display author information next to Google search results?

For a while now google allows website owners to connect a google+ profile to your search results which will most importantly lead to a "profile" picture being next to the search result. However, will ...
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Putting content in white boxes on grey backgrounds

Why do sites like Google+ and the new upcoming Facebook news feed put their content in white boxes on grey backgrounds? Are there any benefits to this compared to say an all white background like ...
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Can a dropdown in-email, like from G+, be implemented without special support from the email client? [closed]

Noticed today this great trinket from Google: in their notification emails upon new G+ followers, the recipient can add someone to a circle directly from a dropdown in the email. (See below). The ...
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Why don't Facebook and Google+ use face recognition tools for user profile pics?

Is there any reason they're not using a face recognition tools to see if someone has uploaded an avatar or a non-person picture like nature, building,etc? Will this rule limit users or frustrate them? ...
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How do people use Google+ circles?

What's the most frequent mental model? Do people use circles to: categorize people ("friends", "collegues", "family"? or to define interests ("bicycle", "cooking", "politics")? The question is ...
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Best practice to communicate 'direct' registration with a website (not through Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc)

When offering registration on a website with the options to signup with Facebook, Google, etc. What is the best way to say to register 'directly' with the website and not using any external third ...
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Why does the Google +1 button not change to a -1 once clicked?

When you +1 something on Google or Google+, the +1 button becomes red and clicking this red button will remove your +1 in the post. Why was it designed like this? Changing the button color to red ...
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What is the UI pattern used for managing people in Google+ called?

I've tried to find more info on this particular UI pattern Google+ exposes, and I'm sure I've seen it before, but still, I haven't been able to find references to it. If you go to the Circles section ...
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Are google plus notifications slow? [closed]

I'm not really a social network person but the google+'s notifications are terrible slow compared with the facebook's notifications. When I enter to the facebook's home page notifications are the ...
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what do users respond best to when providing social bookmarking possibilities

I'm looking for what will get me most social media attention. I have a site that provides insurance information, so it would be used by most people, in the footer I'm going to place some social ...
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How can Google+ Circles' UI be improved?

Since the day I used Google+, I didn't really like how "circles" were presented. I've had 4 main issues with them: You can't see who's in a Circle unless you hover the pointer over it. If a circle ...
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