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2 answers

Is the plus (+) universal for adding an Item to a shopping cart?

Looking at globalization of our e-commerce. I was wondering if instead of having to translate "Add to Cart" in every language if simply a plus button will suffice. I'm pretty new to globalization ...
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1 answer

International friendly alternative icons to thumbs up/down [closed]

I am working on a website where I will be adding a "Pass/Fail" option for users to rate if they Approve of some things, similar to a Like/Dislike. I was originally thinking of using thumbs up/down for ...
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1 answer

Person name placeholder in your country/region/language [closed]

Fun one related to working remotely: What are typical equivalents for name placeholders like Joe Doe in your region? Especially Russia, India, Latin America and more examples from English. But ...
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2 answers

Best international symbol for date range?

From what I know, depending on the country you live, there are different ways of expressing a date range between two dates. In Japanese : 0000/00/00 ~ 0000/00/00 or 0000/00/00 から 0000/00/00 まで ...
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2 answers

Standardizing button naming in a website

I am trying to determine how to name buttons in a global element document: There are two types of scenarios where buttons are used: (1) User submits a request and (2) Approver approves or rejects the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Best Practice for Integrating Shared Cultural/Religious Calendars with Business Calendars

What is the most appropriate way to enable users integrate religious calendars and prayer times (Islamic Hijrah or Thai Solar for example) with the Gregorian calendars that might all can be shared ...
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Regional differences in online reading habits?

I’m working on a corporate website for a global brand, and today I was thrown quite an interesting question that has stirred my curiosity… The brand needs to create separate content pages for each ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What is a good globalization pattern for user-entered content?

I'm trying to come up with a pattern that will support globalization for user-entered data. For each language, the Admin User can enter a Name, Description, and possibly other fields for their own ...
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