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Can a mobile app save data about a user without a user giving the permission?

Is it allowed to store a user id to remember him, his settings, preferences and history, without asking for his permission? Is there anyknowledge about that how that goes with privacy laws like GDPR ...
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Is there any research into the number of people that Accept cookies via a GDPR compliant banner?

Haven't been able to find much info so far and though this would be a good place to ask... Two aspects to this question: Is there any research into the rates of Accepting all cookies via a GDPR ...
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Mark Link which blocks accesses from the EU because of the GDPR

I run a site for visitors from Germany who would like to visit the USA. Because of the GDPR more and more websites in the US block access from the EU like the LA Times, IHOP or Carrabbas. The access ...
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Cookies - Should the toggles be on?

I'm not sure if the details of the cookies, GDPR policies, should be on by default or not? Is it bad or just convenient for the company? And should I have a Reject All and Accept All?
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How to provide better UX for a list of user consents

I'm working on a UI that requires end user consent to proceed with a sign-up. Thought of using inline checkboxes within the consent statement. As you see below... I have not come across this method ...
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Does it make sense to mix button types between state changes in this case?

We are in the process of placing unsubscribe options in our edit users screens and I wanted to make the unsubscribe process instant, rather than require the user to click to save at the bottom of the ...
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GDPR consent in register form example

I'm having a hard time finding a simple and short consent phrase for the GDPR. I'm also trying to bundle that with the terms and conditions consent, and maybe with the cookie consent (The app does not ...
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