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Forms are generally used to retrieve different types of qualitative and quantitative data from user input through controls such as text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, sliders, buttons, or any type of custom control used to collect data input. Form- and field-level validation, error and status messaging, and issues around contextual help within forms may also fall into this category

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Submit a Button and Cancel a Link... Too Confusing?

I have noticed in the last couple years a lot of web forms, if they have cancel at all, it is a link. I assume this is to drive the person to the UI element, a button in this case, that 99% of the ...
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Dynamic required field validation

Let say we have a form with 50 or so elements. It is a data entry form and is in the format the user is expecting based on standardized industry paperwork. My question is should required fields ...
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Required field validation

How should required field validation be handled visually? Note: assume asterisk is red *Name:[_______________] or Name:*[_______________] or Name: [_______________]* or Name: [____red bg____ ]...
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"Clear all" button history

Has anybody ever used "Clear All" button on the page? Maybe someone know the history of this "magic" UI component. I opened my eyes after this answer.
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Multi step form vs single complex form

For a website that sells things, it's often needed to fill in a lot of information. When it comes to these types of forms you want the user to complete which one is the best? A single form with all ...
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Default button OK or Cancel [closed]

What is the most preferable default button for submitting a form (like a login page)? OK or Cancel?
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Complex Purchase Order Forms - do you have any advice or good references?

Let's say you need to design a purchase order form that is more complex than "usual" and has multiple elements affecting the final price: Choose between several tracks (e.g. Basic, Standard, Premium, ...
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Do you need a search button with a search box?

On websites with a search box, should you add a button they can click on, or will users understand a search box like on this site? The target group is not very technical, such as women aged 40-60.
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20 votes
4 answers

Is there a recommended location for a submit button in relation to a cancel on the web?

On the web, is there a recommended location for the submit (Go, Search, Submit, etc) button in relation to the cancel, reset or back button? I'm thinking the recommended positions makes it easiest for ...
7 votes
4 answers

Showing completion but not validation

I'm working on a wizard-esque form that will have multiple steps. I'd like to show that you've finished a step. The catch is that we don't want to give the end-user the impression that the step is ...
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Best practice for Anonymous Donation forms?

Donation forms are meant to be easy to use. Easy enough to use implies that it may convert the casual website visitor into a donor. We are currently using the fields: Card Type Card Number Card Expiry ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Request a call back - How effective is this as a CTA?

Does anybody have any stats/reports/trends about the use of 'Request a call back' forms on websites and whether they are effective? How often are they used? Are they better than a standard contact ...
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22 votes
12 answers

Should form labels be placed inside of input boxes and slide out of the way?

Is it good idea to put form labels inside input boxes? In this case, the labels slide out of the way when the user clicks on the box. See here live example of form
12 votes
4 answers

Using progress bars in long web forms: motivating or demotivating?

I've been going through the jQuery demos to determine which UI widgets could be used to help optimize our user's journeys through our web forms. One such widget is the progress bar, but it raises a ...
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17 votes
3 answers

Should I put view and edit on the same form?

We're working on a new management console for an online service. The management console consists of about 30 forms as well as lots of reporting and various other goings-on. My developers have moved ...
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24 votes
5 answers

What are the best practices of button alignment?

There are reasons to align buttons to the left, center, or right. What are the best practices of button alignment and what factors should we consider? Which buttons should be on the left, center, and ...
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Labels above the field or to the side of the field? What about prompt text and validation messages?

Which layout works best for your users?: Field labels on the side of fields Field labels above the data entry fields What about prompt text, format tips, examples and validation or error messages? ...
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DD/MM/YYYY - do people know what that means?

Just finished reading Caroline Jarrett and Gerry Gaffney's Forms that Work and I noticed that while the publisher used a screen shot on the front cover with that date format the authors didn't ...
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11 votes
8 answers

What's the best placement for an "Other" box

If I have a dropdown with several options, the last of which is an "Other" option, and I want to have a textbox associated with that option, what do you think is the best place to put it? Here are the ...
7 votes
2 answers

dynamic credit card forms design

I am looking at the design of credit card entry forms. I have the option of validating the card number to determine the additional information fields on the form like start date and issue number. ...
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16 votes
9 answers

Positive / Negative impacts of physical address verification systems on online form UX

Address verification systems validate a user provided address against a database of known addresses, usually provided by Postal services. An example can be seen at
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Is a confirm email address field still considered a best practice?

Having an input field to confirm an email address is pretty standard. However, I would like to know if using a confirm email address field still considered a best practice. The Email and Confirm ...
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