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Focus group for international non-native English speakers

I'm planning and moderating a series of remote focus groups with people around the world whose native language is not English. Their English speaking abilities will vary. I'm looking for advice ...
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Multiple groups or one group per category

I am building a social networking site that will allow users to add themselves in group. Now, I am in dilemma to allow users to create groups or not. Single group concept - StackExchange, Quora etc. ...
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How are "focus groups" done? [closed]

As a new UX designer, I'm curious about these "focus groups" I hear about. Who are these people, how are they gathered? Do people have jobs to act as focus group attendees or are there agents in ...
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incentives for user testing

I want to test a website with at least five people locally but I'm not sure how to go about how to find people willing to through with it. Do others offer an incentive to users and if so what has ...
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Personas mini focus groups vs one on one interviews

I am currently about to embark on project creating personas (they are actually an update but we're starting from scratch, as the current ones are really old). The recruitment has been completed and ...
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How can I get useful usability data from a focus group that are not made up of end-users?

After my company has recently been acquired, we have been allotted an hour of "usability testing" at an upcoming conference. The catch is, if we follow the template that has been put forth to us, it'...
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How often is too often to do focus groups while designing a web app?

I'm trying to come up with a strategy for putting together focus groups while designing a web application, but I'm starting to wonder how often is too often to do focus groups? In my mind, they would ...
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Should Focus Group interviews include people of different stakeholder categories?

I was told by a friend that when conducting focus groups to gather information for needfinding for a design, I should avoid grouping different stakeholders together into a single group. This got me ...
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Usability Review or UI Specification?

At the moment I am trying to see where UI/UX will fit in with our current software development cycle. We have a separate department that wireframes new products. Our specification stage for new ...
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Advantages/disadvantages of mixed gender Focus Groups

I am planning to conduct a Focus group for car navigation devices in coming weeks. Initially, I was recruiting mixed gender participants in each session. I am slightly worried that; Males might ...
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How do you collect valuable information from regular "User Group" meetings?

The scenario: You work on a SaAS application. Some of your users use your application heavily each day. Every 2 weeks (or month or whatever), a "User Group" of your most avid users gets together to ...
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If people don't know what they like, how do we make things that they will like? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to discover what users NEED and not what they WANT? The question "What are your favorite counter-intuitive principles or ideas within UX?" has interesting responses from ...
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