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Is it okay to make a button appear in a table header after an action?

I need assistance in deciding between two user experiences for handling tabular data. Use Case: Users encounter a difficult-to-process column (the 2nd one in this instance) and they decide to split ...
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Are auto-hiding floating headers bad?

Many websites have headers that are always on-screen when you scroll up, but auto-hide when you scroll down. I hate them personally because the screen space they would've used up if they stayed ...
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How do I call this interaction?

There's this interaction on Airbnb (example page:, where the section containing the price, "Request to Book" call to action, etc. on the right are scrolled with ...
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Length of Page Concerns

This is a reoccurring problem among clients I work with, so wanted to see if anyone else had some insight. Every client I design for tends to be hyper-aware of page length, with the tendency to fret ...
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Fixed primary navigation and secondary navigation pit bar right below

I am currently designing an ecommerce site that has a fixed primary navigation, but further down the page we have a secondary navigation (Product Specifications, Additional Information, User Reviews) ...
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How should horizontal dashboard numbers react on a responsive page?

I have a set of dashboard values on a sticky horizontal panel on the top of the UI. These numbers are sales values so they are pretty important to the user. The layout looks something like this: But,...
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Sticky panels on a desktop web app. Conventions and debate

Is anyone aware of current debate or conventions on the use of sticky headers/footers in web apps? I'm designing a screen for trading investments. This is an inherently complex task for most users. ...
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27 votes
4 answers

When should a top bar be fixed?

When should we have a fixed top bar? The StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ isn't fixed, as it scrolls with the page, while Facebook's top bar is, because it stays on screen no matter how ...
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Menu fixed on top after scrolling - Good or Bad? [duplicate]

I was wondering if it is a good thing to have a fixed menu on top of the screen after the user scrolls, this seems to be a growing tendency and I'm not sure what to think about it. Example: http://...
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Is a website with a Fixed Header good for end-users of a Web2.0 website?

Fixed Header is the header that is always visible to users even the user scrolls down. It uses the fixed-position in CSS. There a lot of websites nowadays that use a fixed header, such as gmail or ...
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Are fixed mobile headers and footers that disappear and reappear on tap really useful?

These fixed mobile headers and footers disappear and reappear on click / tap using jQuery Mobile's data-tap-toggle which is on by default. How useful are they? Pro: More content is available when ...
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Fixed-position header and menu on a web page -- is that okay?

A client of mine is insisting on two things for a website I am designing: That every single link is shown in the header – about 10 links or so with no sub-categories. ie. no drop-downs, rollovers, ...
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