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A model in HCI and ergonomics that correlates the time taken to target an object to the object's size and its distance away.

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How long it takes to check a checkbox

Does anyone tested, or knows how long it takes to check a checkbox or radio button (normal 16px or so size - on a web application? I know its sounds out of context, but I need such estimation to ...
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Effect of enlarging a GUI by a factor of 2

Suppose a typical GUI is enlarged by a factor of two (all sizes, distances, images, buttons, etc.) what effect will such a change have on the speed of pointing interaction, assuming the interface ...
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2 buttons that do the same thing

I have a client that wants me to put 2 buttons on a page that do, look, and say the same things. The button would say 'Apply'. The rationale of the client is that he doesn't want people to miss it, ...
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Combining Fitts' law with Hick's law

I'm working through a textbook and got stumped on this particular question: Use Hicks’ and Fitt’s Laws to derive an expression for the time for a user to select an item in a menu where b is the ...
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Minimum distance between click targets

What is the minimum distance between click targets on web for an optimal UX? I have read this article: An Interactive Visualisation of Fitts's Law Here is a menu with items I'm trying to position in ...
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How to know which model fits best among Fitts', Walford's and Shannon Model for given data

How to identify on the basis of regression graph(R^2) that which model is better among Fitts', Walford's and Shannon Model. We have given a task, which we executed using the tapping application and ...
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Name for property of "infinite distance" for tabs at top

I recall that there is a technical term for the property of browser tabs at the top of the browser window having "infinite distance" for the user's mouse pointer movement, but I cannot recall what the ...
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How to use Fitts’s Law?

I have been studying this law all the week but I still don’t understand how it works or in other words, I have an example but I don’t know how to apply the law to it. Definition MT = a + b log2 2&...
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What's the best scrollbar position for window with docked sidebar on the right?

In LibreOffice, scrollbar isn't on the screen edge (for maximized window) when sidebar is enabled: This breaks the Fitt's law, as screen edges are important target for cursor movement. On the other ...
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A usable way to enter a mountaineer's Aspect and Elevation?

Here's a design problem you may find interesting. Feel free to help by answering or commenting. All input is welcome. The design goal: an easier tool for users to enter a type of location on a ...
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Are button wheels around cursors ineffective?

Because of Fitts' law, it seems that positioning commands at the immediate proximity of the cursor makes it possible to access them relatively fast: probably not as fast as elements in the corners of ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Measuring "point and click" accuracy/speed of mouse vs trackpad

Are there any quantitative experiments that have studied (or that can be used to study) the usability of the trackpad vs the mouse, for the task of point and click? vs Say, for example, that we ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Why has the touch area size of iPhone app icons not been maximized?

One can touch in between the app icons on an iPhone without launching an app. Given Fitts's law, that "the time required to rapidly move to a target area is a function of the distance to the target ...
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Interact with small objects

The objects (the small squares) can be selected/deselected. The small objects are contained in the larger container box. There can be several container boxes rowed up on the x axis. I would ...
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How large should the logo be for easy clickability?

I was skimming through some of the older questions namely Is 'Home' button still a must? and Home button vs Logo link? and there seems to be a general impression that the home logo serves as a general ...
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Alternatives to display radio buttons vertically?

My preference is to display radio buttons vertically per common recommendations, per some research on completion speed, and to take advantage of Fitt's Law. However, I often get push back with regard ...
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5 votes
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Wouldn't it be more efficient to disable elements in inactive windows?

In most operating systems, there is a major distinction between: interactions which are available only when the element is in focus (for example typing in order to write a text in a text field) and: ...
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Fitts' law and minimum target size

You can read everywhere that bigger targets are easier to hit. But say I have a given input modality and want to know the minimum button size for the interface. How would I go about that? Fitts' law ...
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Applicability of Fitts law in expert user scenarios

Fitts law states that "the time required to rapidly move to a target area is a function of the distance to the target and the size of the target.". Simply put, if user is about to click/tap/press a ...
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Has Fitts' Law been adapted to Touch screens?

The question Is there any difference in element minimal sizes on 10 and 24 inch touch screens? made me wonder; has Fitts' Law been successfully converted to Touch related events? There's 3D movement ...
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Multiple Monitors and screen corners

Most people in my workplace have multiple monitors with the primary monitor being to the left of the secondary one, and I have noticed that they have trouble closing applications. Generally, the ...
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Does the 'mile high menu bar' still apply to web apps?

In this article from Joel on Software, Joel talks about how the easiest parts of the screen to click are the edges, and how putting menu bars at the absolute top of the screen increases usability. Can ...
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