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Questions tagged [first-impression]

in User Experience the first impression often regards the first time a user or an audience for the first time encounters an artifact

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Multiple target audience in one website

I'm working on a webpage for a tourist agency which include different target groups and content: Tours for local people inside the country (Georgians in Georgia) Tours for local people outside the ...
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How to allow users to use an app's major functionality (without overwhelming them with forms)?

We are building an app for consultancy (online conference). However, before the customer can engage / connect with the consultant, to best serve the customer, there are several questions that the ...
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invoking/dismissing a tutorial - don't show again pattern

We're building a SaaS product in browser. We've elected not to try to make the entire UI obvious at first, and depend on a "first steps" to orient the user (yes, we thought about why we need one, it's ...
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Is it better to remove a user's preferences after they log out?

We have some preferences for our mobile application that a user can change (such as choosing between miles and kilometers for distance information). We plan to store these preferences as unique to a ...
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Is importance of ease of first use a recognized UX concept?

This is a bit strange question. I was wondering is there a named concept that ease of first use/trial is critical for winning new users and conversion. I'm referring to products/apps/services rather ...
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Landing page for Desktop application

My Windows application opens with a grey screen and a search view in the sidebar. The purpose of the app is to search cases on a server, edit them and save them. Altough it migh be sufficient for ...
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Improving a flat table view

I've been asked to improve a table view from where the main purpose is to show details about a business agreements. First at all, I was given this view: So, I started to do some research on UX ...
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Wording for coach-marks pages

Example of coach-marks: While the coach-marks mode is active, what's the clearest way to inform the user that there are more pages with more detailed information? an arrow A button (more, next, etc.)...
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Loading dynamic or location based content

What is the best way to approach loading states of content that is localized or geo-located? In the attached example, I am loading the closest doctor and information related to such based on browser ...
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2 answers

Improve UX of steps which need to completed to use an application

We have a web app where the users need to complete a number of steps to get the most from the app - we are struggling with a user friendly and intuitive way of displaying the steps which get across ...
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When should a website show only a headline on the first screen a user sees?

It's very trendy to have one page sites, where the first screen the user sees is a beautiful image with a single headline. For example,,, http://...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to display relative/absolute date/time selection?

What is the appropriate way to present relative vs absolute date selection to the user? e.g. In [increment/decrement numeric field] [mins/hours dropdown] On [calendar-selector], [time-selector]
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4 votes
3 answers

Where should you place pricing information so it is seen?

I am currently running a screencast service for developers who want to learn about python. I charge a small fee of 9 dollars a month. I have been good about emailing my potential customers or people ...
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How can I improve this wizard interface? [closed]

I am working to improve a wizard like interface available to our users. I have attached mockups of the first two screens in the series. I would like to get advice on the design. Currently these ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Assign more Authors, or leave as Contributors, to encourage more interaction on a Wordpress site?

I send out email newsletters which will also be published on a wordpress site. The newsletter will encourage the recipients to go to the site to comment, or contribute some way. Would assigning the ...
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3 answers

What is the acceptable number of "intro" screens for an iPhone app?

I'm building an iPhone app that shows several introduction screens to the user before presenting the main user interface. This is accomplished once, on first launch. My intention is to make the first ...
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4 answers

Is it good practice to pre-populate a web app with sample data?

I am in the process of developing a web application which has various sections (tasks, documents, discussions etc.). Currently the "blank-slate" state of the app is quite underwhelming, so I was ...
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Design patterns for "first run" messaging?

I'm working on a major re-design of a web app, and I'm contemplating popping up a "Welcome to the New Site!" dialog when users first log in to it. I can't seem to find too much discussion of those ...
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Press-and-hold or Long-Press Gestures: Unintuitive?

Often, I find people struggle with the usage of press-and-hold gestures on mobile/web platforms. The mere thought of having a user press on a defined object and hold for an arbitrary amount of time ...
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Icons, their Cognitive Effect and Scientific References

As part of may daily intake of UX vitamins, I was questioning myself the following. We use pretty much icons in our everday activities. We use them on computers or in cereal boxes, and we expect them ...
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2 answers

What is the best way to introduce a user to your interface?

I'm redesigning the new user experience for my web app, We need to communicate to the user (typically not very web savvy) how to add content to their page, modify their page design ...
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3 answers

My sign-up process has too many options - should I shut some down?

We have a service that involves syncing between devices. You can either: a) sign-up on the web, download the client and sign-in b) download and sign-up within the client c) download a mobile app, sign-...
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10 votes
3 answers

What original sources have research on how long it takes a visitor to decide whether to stay on the site?

I've seen many statistics referenced along the lines of: Visitors decide where to stay on or leave a website within [7, 2, 11, 0.8 seconds] of seeing it. Typically the statistic is used when ...
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Are there any resources/guidelines on First Time User Experience?

For a web app I am developing, I have come to the issue of 'First Time User Experience' (what a user can see and do on his first login to the web app before any data is entered or supplied). A good '...
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What is the impact of spelling mistakes for users?

My team developed a site that has a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Does this leave a bad impression for first time visiting users?
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