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A free and open source web browser created by Mozilla.

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How should Firefox 89 (Proton) fix its active tab indicator?

Which of these tabs is the active one? I ask because I just closed the wrong one by mistake. I've seen others confused about this too. If you were at Mozilla, how would you fix it while keeping ...
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Why does Firefox delay the download button?

When you download a file with Firefox, there is a delay for a few seconds before the button to save the file becomes enabled. What's the motivation for this feature?
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Why can't I type directly into the HTML with FF Dev Tools? [closed]

Hopefully this question isn't too oddly specific. Let me know if it belongs on ProWebmasters instead... I'm making some mock-ups in Photoshop, using screen shots from the site in its present state as ...
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Prompting users to save web app to homescreen

I've created a web application and have it set up so that if the user launches the web app from the homescreen it will operate similar to a native app. On the Chrome developer site, they state Do ...
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Always on top Icon [closed]

I am making a firefox addon that gives the user a menu, this menu lists all running processes and allows the user to pick which windows they want to keep on top. Here is what it looks like: The thing ...
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Why can I only close tabs to the right?

In both Chrome and Firefox I have the option the close the tabs to the right, but not to the left. Why is this? This seems like a somewhat ridiculous limitation to me.
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What's wrong with the old Firefox? [closed]

Firefox has changed a lot after version 3. I personally think the main reason is the advent of Google Chrome. For example, To open the Downloads window, one has to press Chrome's combination Ctrl+J ...
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Understanding the scroll bar in the Firefox 'List All Tabs' dropdown

I'm trying to understand the rationale behind the vertical scroll bar in the 'List All Tabs' dropdown in Firefox (15.0.1); All the tabs are listed here, so it gives the wrong impression of the list ...
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Unclosable last tab in firefox. Is this a real decision?

Is there any convincing reason behind the decision to make to last open tab un-closable in Firefox? This change has been introduced several versions ago, and I still can not understand why I'm not ...
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Why does Firefox remove the "close tab button" when you have more than n tabs open unless you focus on the tab?

The origin of this question is that I've tried to find a way to override the behaviour of Firefox which removes the close tab button of unfocused tabs as the number of tabs rises, with no luck. My ...
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