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Asking the user to select two items (which file & file format) before clicking download button

I have a scenario where users can download report files. There are three types of files available in three different formats (.txt, .csv, .xls). I am giving checkbox for the types so that user can ...
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1 answer

What file enforcement should be set on file upload for best user experience?

We make website and we want our users to do things as they are supposed to. But it's not like everyone knows everythings... I'm creating a website that suppose to allow user to share ...
20 votes
1 answer

Should I specify type of downloadable document?

On my personal website I have an "About" page. At the top of it there is a "Download CV" link. Should I put the type of the document in the brackets like "Download CV (PDF)"? Does the lack of ...
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Need suggestion for icon for 'Unknown File Type' [closed]

I'm working on an attachment upload script for a professional / business website, which will display a list of all attachments with an icon representing their file type. I have icons for most ...
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4 answers

User interactions with file systems

I was in a meeting the other day discussing file formats with my colleagues. I was not happy with the outcome. Long story short, the key point made was that you cannot trust a user to keep the file ...