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Good UX for handling partial application failure?

It's common for modern web applications to be split into a UI that runs locally in the browser, making requests to backend services that just return data, not UI components. Is there a pattern to ...
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How to design a failure heavy user experience

I am currently designing a product in which failure is the norm rather than the exception. At a high level many different people will be submitting multiple applications to us. We only have the ...
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What is best practice for a forgotten login email address?

It seems as though all the major sites that use an email as a login only allow for forgotten passwords. Looking to find how users can recover an account when they have forgotten their login email. At ...
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Which approach is better for Delete confirmation when the operation may fail?

I'm developing an Android application where I have entities A and sub-entities B. An A can have multiple Bs associated with it. (There's a database check for referential integrity). I'm planning to ...
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What is the best way to convey to a user a reason for failure using an icon?

I have a scenario where the user needs to test a connection by clicking on a button. Once clicked, they will be provided one of the follow results: successful (check mark icon) and failed (red x icon) ...
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Why is high website availability good for UX?

I'm trying to understand how much should I invest in website availability. What impact does a not so good availability (let's say 95% - 18 days in a year) have in User Experience. Why is it that ...
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