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Facebook is a social media web site. Usability questions on the Facebook tag concerns Facebook itself, applications within Facebook and extension of Facebook features.

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SSO Login, can we remove the Facebook color in the button?

I've been working on a login flow where we are allowing users to sign up or login with Facebook. The devs in my team told me that we need to keep the Facebook button with the colors : However, we ...
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Purposefully obscure user interface design to encourage behaviours

Installing Windows 8 makes it seem that it is mandatory to create a Microsoft account, however the option to install without one is there, albeit wilfully buried. Logging out of the Windows Phone ...
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Best practices for Facebook Website Like vs Page Like

When you have a website, I feel like there are two choices of how to utilize Facebook's like button: I can have users like the website itself and then monitor it via the administration dashboard that ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of "minimal" design?

E.g. Google has minimal web design (just a search box). How do you define minimal design? How does this relate to minimalism in general? Is Facebook also minimalism at least from the beginning?
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Should actions that leave your app require confirmation?

Our app has a 'Facebook' button that opens another user's facebook profile. Based on the assumptions that: most people who network also have higher facebook privacy settings, and also people who use ...
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When logging out of a website that authenticates with Facebook, should the user be logged out of Facebook as well?

I'm working on a website that integrates the Facebook login API. When a user clicks the logout button for the website, I log them out of the website's session. The question is if I should be calling ...
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Limiting registration to be only by Facebook, is it a good idea?

I'm building a web application which is available as a stand-alone website as well as a Facebook App, the target audience are mostly Facebook users. However, I'm confused about the registration ...
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Best way to capture users facebook & twitter usernames?

When capturing a users details, where the goal is to record their twitter handle (@username) and Facebook URL (/username121) what would be the best way to do this? At first I thought using a simple ...
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