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3 participant per study. Is it worth running at all?

Good morning, I plan on running an online shop-along to observe how users interact with our website. I asked for 7 users but the management approved the budget for 6 and wanted to split the 6 into two ...
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what is the design problem with that copier?

I was studying ethnography and interaction design. That's when I got to watch this video. Ethnography and the PARC Copier While searching for the source of that video, I found that the video created ...
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Ethnographic research frame types

How to structure a complete ethnographic system? What are the main frames of ethnographic research and what are the major questions associated with it? Do we need artifacts too?
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Interviewing a group of users [duplicate]

I am organising some interviews with existing users to validate existing and future features for a product. I had everything planned to run individual interviews, consisting of general questions and ...
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Observing and finding bottlenecks of a process

My main focus in UX is web UX, but I've been requested by my supervisor to help with improving the process of an installation company (not web-related). I proposed doing contextual interviews (CI) to ...
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How do you create real data backed personas for a simple marketing / lead generation website?

An effective website must meet both user and business requirements, right? In the case where a business simply needs to gather qualified leads and the user is simply trying to learn more about the ...
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Field studies unnecessary for brochureware sites?

By my own experience, field studies are crazy useful for developing applications because you can study how the users interact with the current version or a competitor's app. It usually gives you tons ...
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How to conduct user research in a highly constrained environment with private/protected data?

I work in health care and am trying to establish some practices and protocols for conducting user research on physicians. However, the health care industry has some constraints that make user research ...
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Cultural Probe applied to business environment

At my workplace I am planning a research effort studying some in-house software. I would like to use Gaver's Cultural Probe technique because the exploratory nature of the methodology appeals to my ...
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Ethnography and Qualitative Research Staying Relevant [closed]

How must ethnography be re-calibrated for a moment driven by the study of complex phenomena like globalization or mass mediation, things ethnography was decidedly not concocted to study?
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What are good questions to ask when interviewing intranet users for persona development? [duplicate]

I'm part of an external team hired to improve a software engineering company's intranet. I have been tasked with developing a usable set of personas out of a pool of around 300 employees. The ...
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