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information displayed when an unexpected condition occurs, usually on a computer or other device

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Status label with more info - how best to show the "more info" part?

I have this one error status in a table. The "Learn more" is underlined, and that's how user knows to click on it, to learn how to troubleshoot the problem. When they click on "Learn ...
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Position of alert message in confirmation page

I have a page that displays a transaction summary where the user can perform a final check before clicking the confirmation button. I am not sure on where to place this alert message: "Please ...
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What UI component should I use to display API error or backend error?

What UI component should I use to display API error or backend error? Any best practice and what kind of UI element can I use to display it. I don't want to display it inside a form, but a sort of ...
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How to handle delivery time slots that expire before purchase is complete?

I have an e-commerce web app where you can choose among multiple time slots for your delivery. There are some rules that depend on when the purchase is completed. For instance, if I purchase something ...
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When to validate if the set of items selected totally valid for the operation?

Case: enterprise web-client solution for sales orders, the User needs to select lots of items to perform one operation in bulk and not all the items are applicable for this operation (due to hidden ...
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Error on initial push notification subscription

Does it make sense to inform the user with an error message when initial registration to push notifications fails?
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What should be written in an Error email, if the details of the error is empty?

We are about to design an email template for an IPAAS company that handle data integration. We have defined the template and its content through various iterations and feedback. We came up with a ...
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Limit selectable file-types or show error messages?

some users try to upload img/heic although only jpg, png or pdf are allowed. in the best case our backend should also support img/heic. However, our backend system will not support img/heic for a long ...
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"X Module is disabled" toast color - red or yellow

So I have a widget that displays some info. In some cases - you should be able to click on it and it redirects you to the X Module In other cases - the X Module is disabled and when the user clicks on ...
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Reviewing the UI design to see if there is anything forgotten

I wonder if there is a some kind of guideline and/or a detailed analysis of an application to be sure everything works fine and help me to see what I have forgotten to design? The guideline/analysis I ...
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