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2 answers

Environmental factors in mobile device design

Are there any existing research on what types of environmental factors impact on mobile device design that gives some strategies or information on how to make design decisions based on mobile device ...
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Suggestions on Collaborative Work Environments

I'm designing a learning environment where a student and tutor can have a learning session together. I'm looking for inspirational/aspirational examples of really good collaborative workspaces that ...
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3 answers

Dynamic mobile styling based on the lighting of the users environment

Would it be useful to come up with a dynamic mobile styling feature based on the lighting of the users environment. Similar to how the imac reduces its brightness if you cover the cam on top of the ...
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How can employees be subtly reminded that when they talk loud in the cubicle farm corridor they disturb people in the cubicles? [closed]

We have a software shop with a cubicle farm where cubicles have non-transparent (painted drywall) walls about 1,5 meters high. There's a corridor running through the farm. Most of the time all the ...
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UI colour palette for outdoor or bright lights

There was a requirement from the client about designing an interface with colours that are easy to read and use when users are roaming agents that are either out in the field or in environments with ...
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