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Which is best for an enter note field: an 'enter' button or hitting the return key?

While designing a text box where a user can enter a note, I want to eliminate the enter button and rely on the return key. What is the best practice for note entry fields? What is needed to tell ...
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Role of Enter in form [duplicate]

In a form like the following: What should be the role of Enter when the email addresses input is focused? Since the share message is optional, I am not sure if it should share the document straight ...
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Should I provide a button in case users don't think to press enter? [duplicate]

On my site I have a search bar like this: The user types something in and presses enter. There is nothing they can click on to submit the search. I could make the icon on the right clickable but it ...
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Insert URL to text field

I need to allow a user to insert a URL into a text field (using copy+paste), as well as inserting a list of URLs. This can be done into same field or to be separated into two different experiences. ...
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Why do some keyboards extend the Return key up into the backslash?

Most keyboards have a rectangular Return (often labeled Enter) key. Above it they have the \ key and above that is a rectangular Backspace key. Some keyboards, however, have a weird shaped Return key ...
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What is the best practice for enter key form submission on sites that use IMEs (i.e. Japanese)

I've got an enterprise app with various forms, some single input forms like global search boxes and other longer data entry style forms. For the West it is clear that pressing enter is a preferred ...
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Google Keep - "Submit"-Button instead of "New-Line" in Textfield - User-friendly?

Some of you might know "Google Keep", where you can create notes. Everytime I use this app I'm wondering if this "submit"-design is smart or not. I'm always confused and press the button on the top (...
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Behavior of the Enter button in a form

What is a better experience for a user if they press enter when using a form? Should it submit the form or move to the next field?
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Usability of Ctrl + Enter Submitting of Forms

In my web app I want to give the possibility of submitting every form with Ctrl + Enter shortcut. What is better: submit the form with keyboard only when one of the fields of this form is focused ...
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Do I really need a login button?

We've been having a discussion in the office surrounding a login page we're developing for a new web application. The web application is in intranet-based application, and is mainly used by users who ...
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What should ENTER do?

On a web form, what should happen when the user presses the ENTER key? I'm writing a sign-up form - name, email, password, sign-up button: the usual sort of thing. Since I'm using JavaScript, and the ...
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Do you need a search button with a search box?

On websites with a search box, should you add a button they can click on, or will users understand a search box like on this site? The target group is not very technical, such as women aged 40-60.
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