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the teaching or tutoring of users (different from questions about training oneself in UX)

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What is the difference between a user and an end-user?

What is the difference between a user and an end-user? My understanding is that a user is someone who maintains a software system such as a banking application and a end-user are the customers of this ...
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Multiple tutorials for new users based on level of expertise

Our company is preparing to launch a web app, and we are trying to decide on the right tutorial/onboarding process for new users. In our user testing, we have seen that the app itself is relatively ...
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2 answers

Can palettes be unambiguous for colour blind users?

I am making design recommendations for a piece of software that wants to accommodate entirely illiterate users. A suggestion that has been made is to assist these users by employing "color coding" on ...
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How Many Screenshots Are Too Many

At what point am I offering too many screenshots? I am working a redesign of my company's help guides - these guides are mostly centered around our hosted mail services. How to set up Outlook, set up ...
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How should I adapt for Assistive Touch in iOS

This article reports that users avoid pressing the home button on an unfounded rumor that using the home button will cause the phone to break. What alterations should I make to accommodate this ...
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How to encourage users to manipulate search criteria to get results

Context I have a large pool of telephone agents using a custom built piece of software to track the calls. Due to the high pressure of having a caller on the line agents often rely on old methods for ...
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General strategy on help

I have a fairly complex desktop application. It uses some advanced search techniques and some statistics for analysis and prediction. The help is separated with one section of no UI. These are "...
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Does interactivity affect training performance?

My office has recently created a bunch of computer based trainings (CBTs). They're basically slides with audio. Some of them automatically advance to the next slide and others require a manual click ...
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How can end users training be integrated to the UX plans?

For many systems, performance can be significantly improved by educating the end users. It might even be argued that training is required to achieve optimal system performance: IIRC, Robert N. ...