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Questions tagged [empty-state]

A representation of the state of a user interface element devoid of any existing or active data/information.

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0 votes
1 answer

A redirect to a tab or an empty state page with a link on it?

For a company web app that analyses specific data, the user first has to upload data to be able to use it. The app has a tabbed structure: 'Overview' multiple other analysis tabs the last one is the '...
0 votes
3 answers

Empty state vs. Hiding Charts

I have category pages, with a list of products inside each of them. The category pages contain details on tests which have been conducted for each of the products, with some categories having up to 50 ...
1 vote
4 answers

Appropriate button copy if the user wants sales to contact them

We're integrating our app with another app via an iFrame. In the "parent" app, the user would already be logged-in before they can download our app. So ie, we would already have their ...
0 votes
2 answers

What image best defines an upcoming event?

I'm building an app for football players. After each match, there is a match stats card where the results will available 24h after the match. I'm not sure if I should go simple or more illustrative. ...
1 vote
1 answer

Preventing users from accessing a site on mobile

We have a situation where we develop a very complex data platform and we don't support mobile version of the web app for a reason. Nevertheless, we have a native mobile app that supports most of our ...
1 vote
1 answer

Should empty state use a universal symbol or specialised?

Hye, Im wondering is it better to have a universal icon/illustration for the empty states. Means that the same message like 'There's nothing here' with X icon on all screens during empty state. Or ...
9 votes
2 answers

Empty state design for serious brands

I'm designing some empty state screens for an airline/train travel app. I've looked at quite a few examples and what I noticed in most cases is some humour in the copy or some kind of characters are ...
2 votes
2 answers

Best Practice - User Action in an Empty State

Is there an established best practice, backed up by research, that deals with an empty state with multiple CTA for the same action? For example, this empty state from Dropbox: There are multiple ...