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14 votes
9 answers

What is the most minimal sign up process possible?

I want to let my users get to using the website as fast as possible, so I want to have as minimal a sign up as possible, using progressive profiling to get information later if they want to disclose ...
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3 answers

Would a hard to learn UI be acceptable?

Most often I see software aiming for easy to use. This usually does not mean easy to use, but easy to learn. For example, vim is really easy to use, but extremely hard to learn. Most webpages are ...
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2 answers

Strategy for making easy remembered, easy typed and secure password for mobile devices?

I make great passwords which I remember in my fingers when I'm on a laptop keyboard. But when I turn to mobile devices, I lose my muscle memory on the soft keyboard. To overcome this problem, I store ...
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2 answers

Good resources for designing for non-technical people [closed]

I'm part of a team designing an IRC client that needs to be full-featured but also easy to use for people who don't often use IRC (the goal is to create a Slack-like interface. But, with all the ...
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How to measure the difficulty of a question

This might be a more different question about difficulty than others, and might be a hard one to answer. I am designing an educative application for tablets. The concept consists of a game where ...
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2 answers

Setup work BEFORE task, or capture meta details AFTER task?

Hi – designing a voice recording app where there needs to be some data captured eventually. Stuff like who is recording, who is talking, what is the topic. Is there any consensus around whether it ...
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