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a method of direct manipulation where a user moves an item via a pointing device to "grab and drag" an item to a desired location, then "dropping" the item to specify an action to perform.

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Is dragging the mouse with a button pressed not controversial at all?

Not about drag'n'drop specifically, but all kinds of interactions requiring a mouse-button to be pressed while moving the mouse, or dragging while keeping the finger pressed to a touchscreen. ...
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Global vs contextual file dropzones

Our application provides a global dropzone for convenient uploads into a media library - you drag a file, and an overlay for the entire page tells you that you can drop it anytime. However, on certain ...
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Uploading and categorizing files thereafter - What is the best way to upload these files?

We are building a feature where users can upload their files. Idea (A): Because multiple files can be uploaded by the user, one idea was to use a drop zone. The user is able to select a Category even ...
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Connecting items in from webshop A to B

In the current project I'm working on we need to connect items in different webshops together. These items are the same but they have different article numbers and different descriptions so the ...
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Should users be able to download files after they've been uploaded?

We're building a page that allows a user to upload their files. The files don't get uploaded to our servers until the user hits submit. Should these files be links? ie, the filenames be clickable/...
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