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Do we need to provide pagination for a directory structure?

In a typical web UI, pagination is usually provided for lists. However, I would like to know whether it makes sense to provide pagination for a tree structure like a directory structure since it may ...
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How to display a filter for a list of podcasts?

We're working on this huge site that includes a podcast section. The podcasts are done by many different people (no repetitions), and there are like 70-80 podcasts so far, adding one per week. Client ...
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subfolder or subdomain - Which one is the best? [closed]

I'm creating a website for web creator, designer and video editor. I'm a multimedia integrator, so I'm doing almost everything related to media on the web or video. Whatever, on my portfolio I would ...
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LDAP UX screen flow for getting employees details

I am going to design a screen flow for accessing LDAP server to get employee details in order to display in a page. Initially I have designed one user flow where user can upload all employees' ...
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Contact Me vs Contact Us on a Business Directory Listing

For a Business Directory Listing page, we are using cards UI for each listing. Here's the content structure: Currently the Details link opens a modal with the Business details while the Contact Me ...
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How best to provide contact info in a member directory while preventing 'data harvesting'?

I am working on a searchable online directory. People will use it to find other members, service providers, and the like. It's critical that the results include contact data. However, my clients are ...
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11 answers

Selecting multiple folders

I'm in the process of improving folder selection process of a backup software my company has developed. The goal is to have the user select the folder(s) he/she wishes to backup. This page describes ...
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When should I append a directory separator at the end of a pathname?

Directory pathnames in code can be used mostly with or without a separator character at the end. So for example, the following commands in a Unix shell are identical: ls /usr/bin ls /usr/bin/ Or ...
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Should I verify that the output directory exists or just create it?

In my job, I create apps where I'm converting data and frequently need, among other things, an input and an output directory. Obviously, the input directory needs to exist, but for the output ...
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4 answers

Nomenclature: Folder or Directory in UI?

I often see the terms "folder" and "directory" being used in user interfaces as well as in programming almost as synonyms. Do I have to stick with one? or can I use both interchangeably? Do users ...
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