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Edge tabs vs Vertice tabs?

I'm trying to figure out when edge tabs would be more fitting vs vertice tabs and vice versa. the main purpose here is to design an editing system that allows for easy manipulation of elements. I've ...
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When the user changes a default item, how should the new one be signified?

Considering this case, in which we don't expect the items to be very many (mostly 1-2, but can get to 5-6 tops, and there can only be one favorite: The order of the items is the one in which they ...
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Allowing users to directly edit column widths in a responsive environment

I'm building a CMS using Zurb Foundation with a direct edit philosophy, eg as much as possible users should be able to drag to resize or move elements etc. I prototyped it at desktop resolution, and ...
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Why are Google Maps not using direct manipulation? Should I?

I am building a map-like interface and there will be several actions user will be able to perform on objects. For clarity lets assume I want to click on point A and select an action to navigate to ...
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20 votes
6 answers

Most intuitive zoom gesture that isn't tap-to-zoom/pinch-to-zoom?

With Apple claiming the Tap to Zoom and Pinch to Zoom patents and possibly enforcing them, what is an alternative that is intuitive and still distinct from tap/pinch?
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Is it a good user experience to have drag and drop in tablet apps?

I'm currently working on an iPad/tablet app. I want to decide to use or not to use drag and drop in my app. As I'm looking at iPad's native apps there is no drag-and-drop functionality. Is it a bad ...
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