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Diagramming is used to create diagrams of relationships between concepts, ideas or other pieces of information.

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What is a good mouse cursor to point at objects in diagrams?

Do you know of any study or evaluation of the use of mouse cursors specifically designed for the use in diagrams? For example I'm thinking about using a cross hair instead of an arrow cursor when I ...
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How does the's framework for Design Thinking map onto IDEO's?

Here's how I'm thinking about these DT models. The Stanford describes the Design Thinking method in (5) steps: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. IDEO describes it in (3) modes ...
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Problems understanding JJG's IA diagrams

I want to use JJG's visual vocabulary to construct the diagram of a web page. However, I cannot fully understand some of its components. For example, the conditional selector is used when a user ...
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How to label a risk diagram in an understandable way?

I am improving a risk diagram. It seems difficult to place the axis labels. Here is the current situation: My customers and I are not happy with this. Customers suggest to have the axis labels ...
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What to do when process diagrams become too big?

I use process flow diagrams and find that the value they provide – the ability to scan, parse, and understand a system – starts to diminish when they become too big and unwieldy. Can anyone suggest ...
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Constant canvas size vs. Resizable canvas

When developing a graphical editor there are two options when creating a canvas: a canvas that has a constant size a canvas that can be re-sized by adding figures at the edge of the canvas, or by ...
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What type of diagram should I use?

I'm designing a new workflow system in my company. Currently it's a module developed in an old framework that draws a entity relationships diagram, such as this: Thing is, we need to look into ...
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Can I visualize a bubble with value 0?

Background: I got a few values on the scale 0..1 and -1..1 that we have been asked to visualize as bubbles. The value 1.0 would be the largest sized bubble and 0.5 would half the size, and so on. ...
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Venn Diagrams with lots of circles

We have an user interface that at some point displays data in Venn diagrams. So far its a chart with 3 entities (circles) in the diagram and it's really clear to show the relations between entities ...'s user avatar
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What is the best way capture a complex workflow between a user and system(s)?

I am designing web applications to replace a series of individual tools that our internal users currently use in their workflow. There are many decision points throughout the workflow and handoffs ...
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Proper symbol in a flow diagram for 'state'?

When creating a flow diagram, there are some universal symbols. For instance a rectangle for a 'screen' and a diamond for a 'decision/action'. What is the symbol to show a branching outcome based on ...
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How to communicate that an element on a low fidelity wireframe needs color

What is the best way to indicate color on low fidelity wireframe? I'm creating a low fidelity wireframe and I've been instructed to not use any specific colors aside from the basic (the visual ...
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Can you help me with data visualization?

I have a problem and I can't find a solution. Maybe someone can give me advice. I'm designing a huge presentation, which has many charts and I have problems with one. I want it to be logical and ...
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I bought lean ux and ux for lean startups. The diagrams in both books are similar. What is the software used to generate the diagrams? [closed]

I bought Lean UX and UX for Lean Startups. I noticed that both books are using the same type of software to generate their diagrams. This one is from UX for Lean Startups. This one is from Lean UX. ...
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Tool to define screen relationships diagrams? [closed]

Is there any tools, other than Visio, to create diagrams defining UI flows (how the different screens of a program or app relate to each other?). Something like the diagrams shown here: http://...
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What are the best tools for creating a Sitemap?

I am working on a mobile app and I have drawn a sitemap for it on paper. However, I want to to create a digital version of the sitemap. I have used Adobe Illustrator previously to create diagrams like ...
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What software do you use for drawing diagrams? [duplicate]

what type of software do you use for drawing diagrams (user flows) in a faster manner? I tried as an online tool because I wanted defined shapes in order to make the flow faster. I do not want ...
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Convert box-and-arrow (text) markup to an image [closed]

Sometimes, the quickest way to transcribe box-and-arrow diagrams on a computer is to use plain text markup. Unfortunately, this markup can be unreadable by people who aren't familiar with its syntax. ...
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