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Typically devices designed for displaying content have varying aspect ratios, and are rarely square. This means that there is a tendency for operating systems to rotate and resize content to keep it oriented naturally, and fit the new dimensions. This has implications for design decisions, which must potentially take into account multiple valid layout dimensions even on the same device.

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How do you approach orientation in iOS and Android?

To anyone who has participated in the creation of a mobile app I have a question: Was it designed/planned for both portrait and landscape? If not: Why? Did you discuss this with your team? What was ...
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How should a grid of apps rotate when the device is rotated?

How should an app grid rotate when the user's device is rotated? Should each app rotate individually and stay in the same spot, or should the entire screen be rotated?
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Landscape vs. Portrait on devices with disabled auto-rotation

We have an app which consists of screens ("Activity" in Android) which mostly enforce landscape mode, because they deal with camera viewing, camera recording, ... Because there are so many of them, ...
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In landscape mode on a smartphone, should the positioning of control elements be based on whether the phone points to the right or left?

Imagine a smartphone application, which has a number of control elements in its top row: Now, if the user rotates the phone to landscape view, it makes sense to rotate the control elements to make ...
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Best way to represent "rotation" of a 3D object

Right now I'm working on improving a section of an app that we are redesigning on my workplace. Basically it's an app that runs on a tablet and the specific part of the app, that I present here, is ...
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When designing for tablet, is it better to restrict the app to one layout?

With more features being added to our app, it becomes more challenging to design for both landscape AND portrait, while trying to maintain optimal layouts for both cases. Often than we expect the ...
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How to determine if disregarding system settings for orientation is bad UX?

Whether I have my Android phone's settings to allow or disallow rotation, the Youtube app always rotates the video to fullscreen when I set my phone sideways. When searching for this online, I even ...
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Should viewport rotation be an option rather than a default on mobile devices?

Rotating a mobile device has unpredictable effects: Depending on OS and app rotating the device can have no effect, or it lays out the content to the new screen orientation, potentially showing a very ...
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Responsive Web Design - what should happen when the mobile device is rotated?

Currently, the standard behaviour for viewing web pages on a mobile is that: If viewed in portrait the text is smaller because the width of the device is small and the whole page width needs to fit ...
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Are there any statistics on what orientation people prefer to hold tablets at?

I was just wondering if there was any statistical study about what orientation (landscape or portrait) people to prefer to use on their tablets. I am working on designing a metro app and a feedback ...
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