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Design tokens values used to store the data and information used to represent the elements of a design system.

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Is it mandatory to have semantic names for tokens?

I’ve just started creating my color token library, and I’ve read and watched many tutorials on how to do it. Practically, all of them mention these three steps: I have my primitive tokens (example: #...
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Scalable naming convention for ordinal sizes?

Hopefully this is a good place for this question. I'm trying to put together concepts for a Design system, and I have a stumbling block on naming tokens. Essentially, when I've got elements that are ...
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UI Design: I can't understand the concept of design tokens

I have created a few design systems in Figma for different companies. Some are simple, and some are complex. But till now I can't understand the concept of design tokens. Every article or video I ...
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Different heading sizes for different platforms in design tokens [closed]

Currently I'm doing an experiment with my first Design System(I have chosen Bootstrap) and Design Tokens(Style Dictionary npm module) I configured and build all good, Later I wanted to achieve as ...
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Design tokens in design systems - are designers working with developers?

Usually when I have worked on design systems in the past, a clear and robust IA helps to create a convention and vocabulary to describe all the abstract and concrete elements contained within. And ...
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