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The process or act of reversing a selection and changing the state from Selected to Deselected.

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How to keep list of selected items when search / filter / facets change - without taking up too much space?

I'm designing a multi-page/step wizard/flow where one of the pages needs to focus on findability and extensive filtering options - but also selecting (or deselecting them across searches). Since the ...
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Table with a column of toggles and the ability to select or deselect all at once

I have a a table with a column represent with a toggle. I need to let the customer an ability to select or deselect them all at once. Did someone tackle this use case? I try some ideas, like toggle ...
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Deselect item in 3D context

We developped a 3D web-app for computers and touch devices in which you can decorate your interior with wallpaper, furnitures and so on. You can select an object or a wall (click or touch) inside the ...
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How to Deselect Radio Chips?

I have a number of statuses from which a user can select only one status. I tried this new control which is sort of an alternative to radio to buttons where user can select their desired status by ...
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Selecting items from table

With roughly the following layout it is intended users can search for items and select them. Except for some actions where deselection is natural (like Delete), actions preserve selection. Selection ...
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Research behind select all/none

There are a variety of ways to implement selecting everything or nothing in a list. Is there any usability research comparing the different approaches?
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Selecting and deselecting items for 2 state interactions

I am designing a web application which will show rows and columns of data (a table), when the users select (on click) a row within the table, they will get some supplemental data appearing in a side ...
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