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What are the best practices for developing a website for older (65+) audiences? [closed]

I'm creating a landing page aimed at 65+ year old demographics in the US. What are the best practices for creating web pages aimed at that audience? Are there special fonts, font size, color palettes ...
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Age buckets vs. Year of Birth vs. Fill-In

I was wondering what you thought of the relative merits of getting age by leaving a blank box for the user to fill in. using a pull-down menu for birth year. using age buckets ("under 18", "19 - 24", ...
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1 answer

Gated content: Asking users to fill in a short survey(2-5 questions) before allowing to download a free product

We are currently working on updating our website. all products we have require a user login as they all communicate with our cloud. So to use any of our products users will still need to sign up for ...
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Looking for stats on tablet usage in a specific demographic

My team is curious about what devices our primary users use in their spare time. Polling our users isn't easy for us. I'd rather find existing studies that have polled the same demographics as our ...
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Is it important to capture demographic information in user experience survey?

I am drafting a user experience survey for an internal application...I have never really done anything with user experience before, but from a data analysis point of view I would think demographic ...
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